About PACR

■ PACR provides a forum for the free exchange of experience, opinions, and networking opportunities among members through discussion, study, publications, and social activities.

■ PACR promotes and sets standards in the science of the cleaning and restoration industry and educates members and the public in the advancement, uses, and improvements in the industry.

■ PACR develops, encourages, controls and recognizes the practice of high standards of personal and professional conduct among individuals serving the cleaning and restoration industry.

■ PACR promotes and/or conducts educational courses and conventions for the mutual improvement, support and education of the cleaning and restoration industry and profession.

■ PACR represents and promotes the professional cleaners and restorers through interaction with appropriate channels of government and other related industry media.

■ PACR represents and promotes the professional cleaners and restorers to the consumers and works with members to provide services that are consistent with current industry standards.

■ PACR promotes, supports and adheres to the standards and practices of the IICRC.



Member agrees to:
■ Exercise the highest professional standards of workmanship and courteous service to customers.

■ Promote and represent products and service with honesty and integrity.

■ Conduct business within the law, practice fair trade, and exhibit professional conduct.

■ Willingly share knowledge and experience with fellow PACR members.

■ Maintain a policy of continuing education to improve expertise and to keep up with technology and methods in the industry and become IICRC certified within six (6) months of membership approval.



PACR, a regional trade association, represents and recognizes, supports and sets standards for professionals in the cleaning and restoration industry for the benefit of the consumer and related industries.


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